H.I.V.E. -


Number One

Commander of the Global League of Villainous Enterprises (otherwise known as G.L.O.V.E. – the most powerful and widespread syndicate that the world has ever known). Nobody knows his true identity. He is the only man in the world that Dr Nero finds intimidating.

Dr Nero

Dr Maximilian Nero is the founder and headmaster of H.I.V.E. He also happens to be one of the most ruthless and devious men alive, and is a senior member of G.L.O.V.E.


Natalya (a.k.a. Raven) is the most feared assassin in H.I.V.E. She was originally trained in infiltration and counter-intelligence in Russia. She has a long, curved scar that runs down one cheek, although very few people would know as most people she ‘encounters’ rarely get a chance to make note of their assailant’s appearance before they lose consciousness (at best).

The Contessa

Contessa Sinistre has a special talent for mind control. Her abilities are as effective as they are mysteriously accomplished. The Contessa is Head of Political Manipulation training.

Colonel Francisco

Head of the Tactical Educational department, Colonel Francisco is thought by the students to be one of the toughest teachers at H.I.V.E.

Professor Pike

Head of the Science and Technology department, Professor Pike may appear disorganised and distracted, but appearances are often deceiving. He is one of the original creators of H.I.V.E.mind.

Ms Leon

Currently, her consciousness is trapped in the body of her fluffy white cat (with special thanks to Professor Pike). Tabitha Leon is an expert at infiltration and counter-surveillance. She teaches Stealth and Evasion at H.I.V.E.

Ms Gonzales

Ms Gonzales is a botanist of a different sort. Genetic manipulation of plant life to produce a host of dangerous and deadly results is her speciality. She is the Botany teacher at H.I.V.E.


H.I.V.E.mind is a first generation artificially intelligent entity and the school’s omnipresent super-computer. The purpose of H.I.V.E.mind is to serve and ensure the uninterrupted functioning of the school.

Otto Malpense

Orphaned at birth, Otto is a criminal genius with a limitless mind, photographic memory and rare extra-sensory skills. Using a robotic mind control device he coerced the British Prime Minister in to mooning at a Press Conference, and ended up in H.I.V.E.

Wing Fanchu

Otto’s best friend, Wing was recruited into H.I.V.E. due to his exceptional skill in martial arts and numerous forms of self defence.

Laura Brand

Laura has an uncanny expertise with computers, so much so that she made it into H.I.V.E. by hacking into an American military airbase in order to use their military frequency to find out if one of her friends was gossiping about her behind her back.

Shelby Trinity

This all American girl is actually a world renowned jewel thief known as The Wraith. Shelby stole her way into H.I.V.E.

Nigel Darkdoom

It’s tough following in your father’s footsteps, particularly when you’re small and bald and your dad is the infamous criminal mastermind Diabolus Darkdoom. Nigel has a lot to live up to. He does, however, have a talent for science and a strange affinity with plants.

Franz Argentblum

Franz is son and heir to the largest manufacturer of chocolate in Europe. Like Nigel his father is also a criminal mastermind. Franz is most easily recognised by his impressive size and strong German accent.

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